We make viral with influencers.
Tap into the world of influencers to grow your brand and reach the stars. Strategies made by trendsetters to turn the spotlight on your brand.
We made over 50 brands viral
Why influencers?

Why you need to get #viral

Boost Brand Awareness

Become a household name with the perfect influencer campaign by expanding your reach and audience.

Enhance Credibility

A familiar face is better than a cold ad. Audiences trust influencers and the brands they promote.

Sales & Users

A boost in sales and users is a given with influencer marketing and can even become your biggest sales channel.

Cost Effective

Traditional marketing is slow and costly, so why not try the quicker and more results-driven route with influencers.

Customer Loyalty

Once influencers become the face of your brand, audiences will be tuned in boosting your customer LTV.

Get Content

Boost your other social channels with the content that your influencers create for you.


Trusting the process

Top performing influencers

Some of the Sociastars

Meet the founders

Hey, it’s us

Petrit Noah

Co-founder of Sociastars.

With a passion for storytelling, I’ve honed expertise in social media marketing and campaign management. Dedicated to shaping influential narratives that resonate, making brands unforgettable in this digital age.

Ardi Kash

Co-founder of Sociastars.

Orchestrator of synergy between influencers and brands, I specialize in curating unforgettable events and campaigns. Crafting connections and experiences that leave a lasting impression in the influencer landscape.

Arber Vica

Co-founder of Sociastars.

 Transitioning from the financial data realm, I now helm success and reporting. Bringing analytical rigor to influencer marketing, ensuring campaigns are not only creative, but also results-driven.


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