Featured case study #3 Neckbud Health & Wellness In a rapid 2-month span, NeckBud, the viral neck massager, partnered with us to launch a sensational TikTok influencer campaign. Neckbud became viral, catapulting NeckBud into online fame and generating massive interest. Our tailored influencer strategy proved instrumental in creating a buzz that resonated with millions, turning […]


Featured case study #2 Copiosa Crypto & Fintech Over a 3-months period, Copiosa, an all-in-one crypto wallet, collaborated with us to enhance their visibility and user base. Through a meticulously planned influencer campaign, we introduced their unique wallet to the right audience, driving a significant increase in both users and views. The project highlighted our […]


Featured case study #1 Hiara Extensions Beauty In just three months, Hiara Extensions saw transformative success through our influencer campaign. Leveraging TikTok and Instagram, we carefully selected influencers that aligned with their brand, resulting in a massive increase in sales and trending status on both platforms. Their success underscores the effectiveness of our targeted, influencer-guided […]